Company profile

Guangzhou Hengyu Flavours&Fragrances Co.,Ltd.We always believe that excellent talents are the driving force to promote the company's continuous development. We respect knowledge and talents, emphasize the continuous learning and progress of professional skills and quality, and enhance the value of employees themselves. We have unparalleled enthusiasm and perfect development plan for the broad market prospects and the future of our company. Now is the best time to join us. We hope that partners with professional experience, integrity, talent and diligence, enthusiasm and patience will join us Guangzhou Hengyu Flavours&Fragrances Co.,Ltd big family!

Here, we have passion and belief, and we firmly believe that unremitting efforts and work style from outside to inside is one of the company's objectives to achieve strategic objectives. We will make every employee fully feel the essence of our culture. We will look forward to working hand in hand with you to achieve our dreams.

Corporate Culture

Unity, Innovation and Sharing

Business restructuring and realizing business objectives require efficient work and solidarity.
The company has been focusing on innovation. Every big development is brought about by the innovation of products and marketing. Innovation is the most powerful support for the company's development and take-off.
Corporate development is brought about by the efforts of partners and employees. It has a good sharing mechanism for contributors who need corporate development.