Autumn Outdoor Activity In 2018


We have a BBQ for autumn outdoor activity on Saturday in December 2018.

Everybody reach company on time at 2 PM,we get BBQ place very soon,because it is next to our company.

At first,we take a picture together with our companys logo and a banner“Autumn Activities 2018 Of Guangzhou Hengyu Flavours&Fragrances Co.,Ltd”


Second,it is our main activity,which is BBQ.

We prepare food,seasoning,beverage and red wine in advance,each one is taking an active part in BBQ,cooks are responsible for making food,and some persons who are not good at making food are helping the cooks making food.some are lighting a fire,some are washing vegetable and many kinds meat,such as beef,pork,chicken,mutton.every one is very happy and relaxing.everybody is enjoying it.


It just take a little time to prepare food becuse we work together.there are chicken wing,mutton chop,shrimp,ham and so on.we eat food as well as we chat,this activity lasted more than 6 hours,everyone is very happy.

At last,this Autumn Activity make everyone relax,and we got happiness and health,more importantly,it enhance our relationship,happiness is helpful to improve work efficiency.BBQ and chatting make us relax and forget the working tension and exhaustion.we will work harder for our better future.