Training Course Of Fire Safety On 21th November 2018


Guangzhou Hengyu Flavours&Fragrances Co., Ltd invite Xiangjun Feng from Fire Department in Huashan Town to teach us something about fire safety on 21th in November 2018,from 9 am to 5 pm.all stuff attend this meeting,location:Conference Room.


Contents are as follows:

1.Newly laws and rules.

2.Unit fire safety management system and knowledge of safety.

3.The risk of unit fire and how to prevent fire.

4.Explain and analyze newly cases about fire.

5.Directions,configuration,and maintain of fire equipment.

6.Safety of road transport and public place.

7.First aid treatment of site of accident.

8.Emergency measures of self ignition and self destruction.

This training lasts one day,thank Mr Feng very much for he makes us know the fire risk,first aid treatment through real cases,it is very good.