Hengyu’s Travel of Shenzhen in 2019



We have a travel to Shenzhen of 2 days to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Guangzhou Hengyu Flavors & Fragrances Co.,Ltd and 98th anniversary of CCP.from 29th to 30th in June 2019.

In the morning of 29th ,all staff and their relations gather at the gate of company and then we set off happily .

First stop is Yangmeikeng Holiday resort,some people are playing in the sand,some are taking pictures,some are chatting under the trees with the sea wind happily.


The second stop is Jiaochangwei sand,we have booked 3 special hotels,they are Bujuexiao,Yuean and Chuntianli.some people go to swim,surfing,take a walk and so on after a short rest.Some people are taking some delicious food,such as sea food and cool beer.we all have a comfortable time.

The third stop is Dapeng Island Geological Park,the are many precious fossils,and teach us much knowledge about geography,we learn much from it.

This is a new start after a short and unforgettable travelling,Hengyu is getting better and better with the help of bosses and all staff.we will remember our original intention and take every effort to improve personal development,enterprise development to create a better result.